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Siscomex License
Issuance of Documents
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ApoioLOG acts as a service and transport provider, able to coordinate export, import and national logistics. It is from the head office in Novo Hamburgo city, in the south region of the Brazil, where ApoioLOG attends and manages all operation over all Brazilian territory and also abroad, through global partners.

ApoioLOG counts with professionals with high experience in the most diverse market segments in its staff, as industries and trading companies, besides, liberal and autonomous professionals, who help to extend the company's scope, providing documental, customs support on export and import.

Through partnerships with carriers, cargo consolidators, airlines and shipping companies, ApoioLOG coordinates national and international freights, by road, sea or air, besides project cargoes as RO/RO, LO/LO e Break-bulk, plus storage.

Siscomex License

Orientation, organization and request for Siscomex license, also known as Radar,
which enables Brazilian companies to export and import.

Issuance of Documents

Coordination of issuance of documents for export: Proforma and commercial, packing list, export registration (R.E.), certificate of origin (FORM A, ACE 18...) and consularization of documents.

Customs Clearance Coordination

Exchange closing, analysis of import administrative treatment, export and import customs clearance, import licenses (L.I.), customs transit declaration (D.T.A.), drawback.

National Transport - Air

Coordination of express cargoes on national flights, pickup and delivery by truck.

National Transport - Road

Coordination of collections and deliveries of cargoes with origin and destination in the same or different states.

National Transport - Full and Fractional Loads

Coordination of collections, deliveries and storage of full and fractional loads over all Brazilian territory.

International Transport - Road

Coordination of transport by road of full and fractional loads on conventional or special trucks from Brazil to South America or vice versa.

International Transport - Maritime

Coordination of international transport of 20' and 40' containers (FCL), consolidated cargoes (LCL), and special cargoes (RO/RO, LO/LO, Break-bulk).

International Transport - Air

Coordination of international transport of urgent cargoes, of high added value, or those peculiar.


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